Tianhu Tools DTW285Z cordless brushless wrench ala Makita (18V, 1/2″)

Yes, not just a wrench – it is stated that this is a brushless impact (pulse) wrench. There is a choice in the lot – reinforced battery, charging, etc.
In LOW mode, the wheels do not turn at all. stops.
The tool is small, light. The comparison method is simple – I tightened it with a wrench, then ripped it off with a wrench, checking the moment. If you take the wrench itself ($27), plus the battery ($27), plus the EU charger ($24), the price tag is still humane.
The head sits with a slight interference. Brushless motor Maximum Torque: 520N.M measured torque 100. 120 Nm I still managed to unscrew the wheels, the details are under the cut.
I switch to High Torque mode – I did all the tests in this mode. In this regard, there is no problem with twisting.
The contact group is two wide contacts (Makita). There are three working modes. In the hand, surprisingly, lies comfortably. No Load Speed: 0 — 4000 rpm Hello everyone! There were many reviews of such wrenches, since they have fallen in price a lot.
I install the battery, I pay attention that there is a mode switch on the sole, plus a charge indication. < br /> < br />Appearance of a wrench with a battery Square Drive:1/2" Lot Link 18V https://jiji.com.gh/mobile-phones/tecno-spark-4 520N.m Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench Stepless Speed ​​Change Switch Adapted To 18V Makita battery There is a discharge indication and mode switching. Impact frequency: 0 — 4000 ipm

Tianhu Tools DTW285Z cordless brushless wrench ala Makita (18V, 1/2")

I used a Matrix 14160 torque wrench. Please note that there is a “weak L” and “strong H” mode.
Standard is half inch 1/2" sockets. On High mode, you need to let it spin.
And here is the “nameless” tool itself. Sent by SDEK, not very fast, but without a headache
Here is the charger with a battery for it (the same in the lot) Actually, here is the same screwdriver wrench. It looked like a great option for those who already have a Makita 18V tool. heads. Specifications: Adapted to 18V Makita battery
Fixed with friction ring I could not resist, I took a 1/2" cordless wrench for a test. The default mode was LOW Torque Color: black blue Well, I just took under the existing battery from Makita (very profitable). This model is interesting in that it is compatible with the Makita 18V battery.
Charging battery, preparing for tests I did it several times in a row, the readings more or less converge. For testing, I saved a set of impact sockets Caliber I bought on the first promotions – it turned out a little cheaper than in banguud (there is paid delivery, plus the price is $32.35). For comparison, you can look at the review of the Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 FUEL 1/2" wrench for trucks and heavy metal structures
If you often have to change it, then it makes sense to buy a 1/2" impact extension. That’s it, you can proceed to the tests.

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