A monocle with 16 times optical…

I will not indicate the photo of the parcel and information about the delivery time, everything is standard, I will go straight to the review of this spyglass. Here is an inscription on the window: True, the quality of the optics leaves much to be desired – there is sharpness only in the center, it “soaps” quite strongly towards the edges. — cloth for cleaning optics. – monocle; Let’s check whether this approximation is real or overestimated. Here is a gas hatch under the window: – lace on hand; The objective and the eyepiece are closed with rubber caps. The diameter of the eyepiece lens is 16 mm; Weight: 300 gr.; I will demonstrate its operation. Monocle dimensions: 160 x https://jiji.ug/fragrance/sansiro-perfume 60 mm; So, packaging and equipment: Included: On the body there are 2 rings for adjusting the sharpness: one small at the eyepiece, the other large at the lens. I will demonstrate a real approximation, for which I will superimpose non-approximated and I count the quantity: It turns out about 9.5-10 times. From the inscriptions, you might think, but I thought that a large ring serves to adjust the approximation, but no. The product is provided free of charge for review. Here is a view of the TV tower: Good luck. So the real approximation is not 16 but only 10, although this is also not bad for such a monocle. Here is an announcement on a pillar: – case;

A monocle with 16 times optical power, real or overestimated?

Hello, I offer a review of a monocle in a rubberized case with a 16x zoom, so it says. The objective lens diameter is 42 mm: – box; Just sharpness :

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